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19 April 2015

NAACP'S stance when a black police officer kills a White person.

Betty Sexton
Betty Sexton

The woman shot and killed by a Gastonia police officer refused to drop her gun, according to the SBI. Tony Underwood, an agent with the SBI, said Sexton was carrying “a long gun” when she was shot and killed.
LaDoniqua Neely
Officers responded to Sexton’s house on Union Road after she called police asking officers to force two people out of her home. In the 911 call, she says her ex-boyfriend and his friend refused to leave.
During the call, Sexton sounds as if she is slurring her words and often the operator cannot understand her. The SBI could not say whether she was under the influence of anything at the time of her death.
When two officers arrived at her home, Underwood says, Sexton was advised on how to remove the occupants legally.
“They were preparing to leave when she went to a back bedroom and in a matter of seconds came out carrying a long gun,” he said.
Underwood could not elaborate further on the make or model of the gun.

Underwood says during a brief encounter in the kitchen, Sexton was ordered by the officers to drop her gun but did not. Officer LaDoniqua Neely fired one shot, hitting Sexton in the chest, according to the investigator. Sexton later died of her injuries.

In response to the shooting of a white female by a black female officer in February 2015, the Gastonia NAACP president Chris Thomason doesn't see the proposed march as a good thing.

“That’s ludicrous,” he said. “Race should not be an issue. A life is a life regardless of race, color or creed.”

15 April 2015

Georgia mom charged with hosting a Naked Teen Sex Party.

Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, was charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

 Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, of Evans
An Augusta woman told authorities Saturday that she was recently appointed as Lehnardt’s sponsor through Alcoholics Anonymous and Lehnardt told her about a recent incident at her home, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office incident report.
Lenhardt said her children were with their father when her 16-year-old daughter texted asking if she could have friends over “to party,” according to the report. She agreed and allowed her daughter and her friends to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana in her home.

The woman said Lehnardt continued to describe the incident stating she played naked Twister with the teens and had sex with an 18-year-old and her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend, according to the report.

The woman said Lehnardt also claimed she showed photos of herself and her boyfriend having sex and other pornographic material to her daughter.
Lehnardt was released from the Columbia County Detention Center after posting a $3,200 bond.

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