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Joyful abortion story by Kristen V. Brown is a fake.

This is clearly a fake story, designed to illicit a response. She weaves a story of a stereotypical relationship with a nice guy. She implies that he wants to settle down, (implications, barefoot and pregnant), so she breaks it off. But alone in a new city she calls him up for a date. She then implies sexual assault, leading her to completely break things off, and block this guy from her life. Unfortunately, within a couple of weeks she finds out she is pregnant. Although broke, she runs to Planned Parenthood for help. 

I had an abortion and it was a totally joyful experience

In the days leading up to my appointment at Planned Parenthood, where I would be given a prescription for the abortion pill, I would wake up in the middle of the night, my pajamas soaked in sweat from nightmares that somehow the abortion didn’t take, leaving me stuck with a baby I didn’t want and couldn’t afford, linked forever to some guy I’d met on OkCupid who refused to use a rubber. This fear was only exacerbated when, one night while trying to binge-watch my troubles away, I saw an episode of Private Practice about a woman who thought she’d gotten an abortion and later found out that the doctor had botched it. I envisioned having to quit my fellowship and move home to California, since there was no way I could handle a baby in my current situation. I worried that my life was over. The pregnancy itself made me physically ill, and the worrying only made me sicker.

But once I got an abortion, suddenly, everything was fine again

The details about the relationship read like the generic beginning of any afternoon movie on Lifetime.  Yet when she talks about the legal and political fight for and against abortions, she is suddenly able to give very specific details. One key detail she failed to provide is about her wonderful abortion experience. Most people, like our author Kristen Brown, assume the abortion pill is a single pill. In her story, she relates needing to bribe a coworker to sit with her to make sure she did not bled to death:

 “I offered my coworker pizza and booze in exchange for coming over to make sure I didn’t accidentally pass out and bleed to death while curled up in pain on my bathroom floor” 

Several problems with this part of her story. It is not a single pill; per both the FDA and Planned Parenthood, this is a multi-pill/ multi-day process. The first dose is administered under the supervisor of medical staff in the clinic, the second dose, two days alter can be taken at home.

The approved Mifeprex regimen for a medical abortion through 49 day’s pregnancy is:

  • Day One: Mifeprex Administration: 3 tablets of 200 mg of Mifeprex orally at once

  • Day Three: Misoprostol Administration: 2 tablets of 200 mcg of misoprostol orally at once

  • Day 14: Post-Treatment: The patient must return to confirm that a complete termination has occurred.  If not, surgical termination is recommended to manage medical abortion treatment failures.  From -

This has become a common practice by the left; example, fake campus rape stores. You put out a story that supports your argument, then let it go viral. Much of the heavy lifting will be done by pro life groups  who mean well, but fail to see this for what it is. In a few weeks, or months it will be exposed by the mainstream press as a fake, but it will not harm Kristen Brown’s career. In fact it will catapult her to elite status. The targets of any ridicule will be the pro life groups who repeated the story.


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