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HB2 deals with more than just the bathroom.

We can all relate to being on the road and needing to go to the restroom. This is why we keep hearing a sympathetic chant of let them use the restroom. It seems like the descent thing to do. Women’s restrooms have stalls, and most men would not care about a woman who identifies as a man using their facility. But strategically, every news story leaves out the reason for much of the protest after the passing of amendments to the Charlotte City Code. The fact that the locker room would be open to the gender a child or adult identifies with at any given time.  So a middle school girl would be faced with having to share the Locke room with a 17 year old boy who still has male parts, but identifies as female. Women at a gym could be faced with a man walking in as they disrobe because he declares he identifies as a female. Can this happened? Yes. In fact it already has, with the expected results.

So, for those in favor of allowing transgender to use any facility based on gender identity, send your kids to school with a note voicing your support. Since HB2 only applies to state facilities, all private companies opposed to HB2 should immediately label bathrooms and locker rooms unisex or open to anyone based on their own gender identity. 

  • Transgender Student Refuses to Use Private Bathroom After Girls Say They Are Uncomfortable 
  • Planet Fitness cancels woman's membership after her complaints of transgender woman in locker room. "It freaked me out because, why is a man in here?"


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