01 November 2016

Sale of access a bigger issue than Collusion

The use of a private email account, improper handling of classified documents and lying to investigators, (Martha Stuart spent a year in jail for the last one), if of importance; however, this issue has been the perfect smokescreen for a bigger issue. The sale of influence to any willing buyer. This is not the typical campaign contribution for future access that is common to all political campaigns, but the outright sale current and future access to thought the State department and eventually to those footing the bill, the presidency.

This is not a first for the Clinton's. During Bill Clinton 1996 reelection campaign, donations were funneled by the Chinese government through US based intermediates to the Democratic Party. As well as U.S. companies wishing to do business in China.  
Vice president Biden, then Senator made the following comment in 1998

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, the ranking minority member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the Administration's policy switch was ''serious stuff.'' Interviewed on ''Fox News Sunday,'' Senator Biden said any ''correlation of quid pro quo'' linking campaign contributions to a shift in national security policy should be ferreted out.

In the end, like many other Clinton scandals, it followed the usual process. The Clinton's received the benefit of campaign cash, major changes in U.S. policy followed, some sand was kicked up by pontificating politician and in the end A few low level individuals took the fall.

So what could we expect with another 4 years in the White House, unlimited access and a complaint U.S. media? Clinton's time as Secretary of State may offer some indication of the havoc a money and power focused President Hillary Clinton may cause. 

The Clinton Foundation list green energy solutions, public private energy partnerships, work place initiatives for women and medical assistance to third world countries. Raising and spending $100 of millions on pharmaceutical assistance alone. This has somehow fallen to a little over 10% going to charity in recent years. As to where this money is going. It may be into their own pockets considering that Hillary claimed the couple was dead broke upon leaving the white house, yet today, worth more than $125 million.

Unfortunately, this alone is not a major issue, and is the norm for most charities. The real issue is how and why money was given to the foundation during Hillary Clinton's term as Secretary of State. Although Hillary promised during her 2009 confirmation hearings to not engage in any activity that could be seen as a purchase of influence by outside interest, she routinely did just that.
Clinton Foundation raised $26 million in Sweden while Swedish government lobbied Hillary Clinton to ditch Iran sanctions
The Clinton Foundation took the money from the Swedish government while government officials were lobbying Hillary Clinton’s State Department to forgo sanctions that threatened business dealings with Iran, according to a newspaper report Wednesday.
The end result, the State Department declined to blacklist any Swedish firms with economic ties to Iran, according to diplomatic cables obtained by the paper.
Donations to the Clinton Foundation Russian Uranium Takeover:
This New York Times article outlines the $40.45 million in donation to the Clinton Foundation, while Hillary was Secretary of State, with the authority to approved deals that were ultimately detrimental to the security of the US.
Clinton Foundation Accepted Swiss Bank Money After Hillary Negotiated Settlement:
This Wall Street Journal Article deals with $1.85 million in speaking fees and donations given to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary negotiated a deal blocking a law suit by the IRS against the bank over the use of sham holdings to hide over $18 billion in taxable income. The deal allowed the bank to only turn over 10% of the names, and pay less than a million penalties.http://www.wsj.com/articles/ubs-deal-shows-clintons-complicated-ties-1438223492?cb=logged0.5873955793213099
In a related story, The Clinton Foundation received $81 million from donor’s latter found to have been hiding taxable income in Swiss banks.

Repressive governments donated to Clinton Foundation, arms deals approved by Hillary’s State Dept. 
 “The word was out to these groups that one of the best ways to gain access and influence with the Clinton's was to give to this foundation,” Meredith McGehee, policy director at the Campaign Legal Center, told IBT. “This shows why having public officials, or even spouses of public officials, connected with these nonprofits is problematic.”

Under Clinton & Obama, in 2011 alone, 78% percent of all worldwide U.S arms deals were Persian Gulf nations, according to the Congressional Research Service.
The State Department, under Clinton, hammered the Algerian government in its 2010 Human Rights Report for restrictions on freedom of assembly and association, and allowing arbitrary killings, widespread corruption and a lack of judicial independence.

"That year, the Algerian government donated $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation and its lobbyists met with the State Department officials who oversee enforcement of human rights policies. Clinton’s State Department the next year approved a one-year 70 percent increase in military export authorizations to the country," IBT reported. "The increase included authorizations of almost 50,000 items classified as 'toxicological agents, including chemical agents, biological agents and associated equipment' after the State Department did not authorize the export of any of such items to Algeria in the prior year.

"During Clinton’s tenure, the State Department authorized at least $2.4 billion of direct military hardware and services sales to Algeria -- nearly triple such authorizations over the last full fiscal years during the Bush administration. The Clinton Foundation did not disclose Algeria’s donation until this year as a CYA for Hillary's presidential bid; a violation of the ethics agreement it entered into with the Obama administration."

IBT also reported that major US weapons manufacturers and financial corporations such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Goldman Sachs paid Bill Clinton lucrative speaking fees reaching $625,000 per event,  just as arms deals they had an interest in were in the works with Mrs. Clinton's State Department.


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