19 September 2017

DACA by the numbers

For those trying to make this a left right issues, congress was under complete Democratic control from 2007 - 2010 with control of the White House for two of those years and did nothing. When Obama enacted DACA by executive order, he admitted that it was a temporary fix, with a request for Congress to act. Now Trump says, its time for congress to act, everyone looses their mind.
DACA eligible by sub type, and country of origin. 

Most of the 880,000 people who have registered for DACA are in the system, and I for one am fine with them becoming U.S. citizens if they are willing to assimilate. But we must have a wall, an increase in border agents, and a reductions of cessation of aid to the home counties of those we allow to stay. This will be on top of reductions in aid to Mexico equal to the cost of the new border wall and the increase in border agents.


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