18 March 2020

Trump and Coronavirus press coverage.

On January 31, 2020 Trump declares the Coronavirus a public health emergency and restricts travel to and from China. Immediately he is attacked by the left as taking a nationalist, racist approach that was pushed for by medical professional, but was recommendation by the World Health Organization.  

Guiding Trump’s response is a hardheaded nationalism. On January 31, the administration announced strict travel bans: Most foreign nationals who’d recently been to China were barred from entering the U.S., and Americans were warned to stay clear of the country. These measures—which career public-health officials argued were needed to delay the virus’s spread—broke with guidance from the World Health Organization, which did not recommend curbs on travel or trade. The restrictions did, however, reflect the alarm coming from Trump’s base. Peter Nichols - The Atlantic 
A month and a half later, the response is, Trump failed to act in time. Even though most of the world is now implementing programs he put into place a month ago. We can see the dishonesty in the press, as no one asks the open boarder Democratic presidential candidates if allowing the flow undocumented, people into the country would still be a good idea in light of the Coronavirus. 

In January and early February, the press reported that Trump and his paranoid base is taking this too seriously. They are now trying to pick apart all the times he said this was no big deal. Forget the fact that the Administration started work on fast tracking a vaccine on January 28 (CNBC). So, don't let the reporting get you down,. those that are paying attention know the press are lying, and the rest are anti Trump, so it would not matter what you say, or what is reported; they will refuse to believe it. 
Even the following clip from the anti-Trump Governor of California, Gavin Newsom confirming that the Trump delivers on his promises has been overlooked by the rest of the anti-Left. 


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