09 September 2022

Global Warming or the Next Ice Age?

Image from the 2004 movie, The Day After TomorrowThe coming ice age is a popular topic of conversation among scientists and laypeople alike. For years, moviegoers have been entertained by the idea of a new ice age, and the scientific community has grappled with the possibility of a coming ice age for just as long. 

Theorists have proposed a variety of mechanisms that could bring about a new ice age, from a decrease in solar activity to an increase in volcanic activity However, the most likely cause of a new ice age is a decrease in greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, and a decrease in their concentration could cause the Earth's average temperature to drop, leading to an increase in ice and snow cover. The last ice age occurred approximately 10,000 years ago; many scientists believe that we are due for another one. Although the coming ice age may be centuries away, it is still a very real possibility and one that we should be prepared for.

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